Loft conversions make use of the untapped potential in your roof. Most houses in the UK have enough head height to convert their roof into liveable space. In our experience loft conversions are perfect for adding bedrooms and office spaces into homes so increasing the value and the general capacity of your house.

Why a loft conversion?

A loft conversion has a few key benefits that most other space solutions cannot match.

  1. They're the most cost efficient method to add a room to your home. There's almost no external work and they can be achieved much quicker than some other projects.
  2. Almost 100% of the work is done in the attic space itself so the project can be kept clean without too much interruption to your daily life.
  3. They're an excellent investment because, in general, they add a room more cost-effectively than other solutions.

Types of loft conversions

 There are two types of loft conversions:

  • No dormer: the room is built entirely into your existing attic space. The roof is not changed except for the addition of roof Velux windows
  • Dormer: the attic space is extended by building out of the roof at head height

“No dormer” loft conversions

 A no dormer loft conversion makes no change to the nature of your roof except that roof Velux windows are added.

A no dormer loft conversion maintains the normal shape of the roof using the voids at the sides for storage and general utilities, and most attics can gain a good sized master bedroom with en-suite.

The main concern with this type of conversion is head height, since the ceiling will be pitched in places. Because of this, not all roofs are suitable for no dormer loft conversions but we can advise you on the options available.

“Dormer” loft conversions

A dormer is a space built out of your roof so that the internal room does not have a pitched ceiling. The addition of a dormer makes a loft conversion feel much more like a normal room and opens up the true potential of the roof space.

A dormer allows the stairs to be designed in a different way, making the room much more efficient and open. Although dormers are more expensive, they often create a more practical living space.

Home extension feasibility report

Here at Ambassador, we've been building loft conversions for over 20 years so we know how to achieve the best solutions for your attic space. There are a few tricks that we can use to make sure you gain the space that will work best for your home.

Our Home Extension Feasibility Report allows us to understand exactly what you need so that we can recommend the best loft conversion for your home, custom-made for your family.

By asking the question how does this have to work for the home and family? We achieve the best homes for our clients.

We are delighted with the loft conversion undertaken by your company. We were particularly pleased by the quality of the plans and the clever design. In addition the quality of the materials used and workmanship was first-rate.
— Mr & Mrs F. – Bewdley
Having recently put our house on the market, the estate agent described our loft conversion as ‘superb’.
— Mr C. – Malvern